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Connect with clients and create videos without having to worry about the confusing process behind it all. iTOi's user-friendly interface allows you easily make the software do what you want. Save time and energy, so you can focus on what’s important: delivering your message.
Eye contact plays a huge role in connecting emotionally with your client. In fact, your audience attention decreases by 43% when you aren’t making eye contact. iTOi’s Optical Lens Technology makes it possible for you to look into your client’s eyes, which gives the visual experience necessary to convey your objectives and connect on a personal level. With iTOi, you can establish and maintain your valuable connections.
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Read your script from a teleprompter at a speed that is comfortable to you while looking directly into the camera. Images can be easily selected to appear on screen during narration. Take advantage of iTOi’s patented Noise Wave Receptor, which reduces ambience noise dramatically. Let our leading-edge, automated software do all the editing while you easily create videos on your own, in record time.
With iTOi Video Producer for iPad, there's no need to rent a video camera or teleprompter. No more hiring expensive editors, setting up tripods, and awkwardly reading from cue cards. Create professional videos with the use of a built-in teleprompter and Scrolling Control that helps you present at your own pace.
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Our Virtual Camera Processor shows you where to position yourself. You can even select your own images from your camera or even Facebook to appear on screen while you narrate. Reduce your client’s wait time by using Video Express to minimize download and buffering times. Our Dynamic Video Delivery guarantees playback compatibility, no matter your client’s location, device, or operating system.

With iTOi Video Producer, simply write your script, add your images, and record your video. You can quickly publish and share your videos with friends, family, and colleagues using social media such as Facebook or Twitter then store them to the iTOi Cloud Library, saving your memory while allowing for easy sharing on the web.

Success Stories
iTOi provides a superior way of experiencing and utilizing video communication. This has resulted in happy customers who are excited to share their success stories.
I picked up the new iTOi Video Booth at Brookstone for $150. Its the slick modern version of the AT&T VideoPhone. Except it works flawlessly, letting you record personal videos with important EYE to EYE contact. Its the closest you can get to being FACE-TO-FACE without actually being there in person. The iTOi optical system enables looking directly into the eyes of the person you’re speaking with to deliver sight, sound, motion and emotion to your conversation. The small, cool, light, "spacey" looking console sits on your desk with your iPad mounted inside it. The resulting camera view of your face is more flattering than the iPad’s native wide angle. The sound level and the lighting are also measurably enhanced. The booth is compatible with Apple FaceTime, Skype Video Chat and Google+ Hangouts. There’s also an iPad app called iTOi Producer that turns the device into a full fledged teleprompter, so you can read copy superimposed over the lens just like a TV news anchor. Its a great tool for family communications and for doing business.
Michael Cooper - FutureMedicine.TV
"You were right! OMG! Ok, now we switch into high gear and move firsts on all properties!" (experienced 400% increase in lead conversion rates after first iTOi campaign)
Jarrad Barnes - Gullotto + Barnes
iTOi - has opened so many doors for me, from better presentations, the features are phenomenal - my favorite: speed of the script based on your presentation level. Presently I am introducing iTOi to one of my clients who owns a medical clinic because it creates better patient engagement, and live chat with a staff member by a simple click from the Internet.
Sergio A Quiej – Managing Consultant
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"I first saw a promotion for the iTOi Video Booth on in November 2014 and was intrigued. Several of the niche teams in the CPA firm I work for were interested in creating 60 second ‘tax tip’ videos to post on our website and push out through email and social media campaigns, but we were concerned about the cost and inconvenience of hiring a video production company. The iTOi Video Booth appeared to be a great DIY solution. We decided to order the booth and give it a try, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use, right out of the box. We downloaded the free iPad app, and started adding a script for the teleprompter, inserting images, recording, and uploading. The professionalism and ‘extra mile’ service of the iTOi team has certainly exceeded any expectation I might have had, and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship as we continue to explore ways to enhance our brand and message through video content. I highly recommend this product and company!"
Delene E. Taylor, CPA, CGMA
I've used email marketing in my prospecting campaigns in the past and I've always looked for the next differentiator to get my message across. Short video snippets were just what I needed to enhance my efforts. I discovered iTOi on a whim a was surprised to find the application was easy to use. I'm by no means technically advanced, but I found it a breeze to edit my content. Being able to insert marketing images was an added plus! I intend to use the app to provide my customers with new content. For the investment of a typical monthly business lunch, iTOi is an amazing marketing solution.
Bryan Hall, Account Director
This app is revolutionary. It gives anyone the ability to create a professional, teleprompter-like presentation in minutes. No camera operator, studio rental or post-production editing. I’ve seen first-hand the kind of immediate impact that can be generated in a B2B environment and we’re just getting started. If you want your boring, text-only message to cut through the noise, iTOi's video platform helps you get to the next level. Many thanks!
Jeff Lovejoy – GM Telesphere
Ingredients for awesome.

iTOi Video Booth requires a full size iPad with a front camera, 2nd generation or newer.


iTOi Video Application requires iOS 8 or newer. This application is available for download upon setting up a new account (see below).
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